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  • Archivists Share Practical Metadata Advice

    A panel of archivists recently shared their experiences with metadata management to a room full of eager young archivists (more on that later) during a pop-up session at The Society of American Archivists annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Mind Your Own Business: Accountability and Archives

    Have you ever attended a Pecha Kucha? Pecha Kuchas are gatherings where presenters speak clearly and consisely on topics, aided by the limited presentation format — 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide. Six archivists delivered an extraordinary Pecha Kucha during The Society of American Archivists’ Annual Meeting in Cleveland.

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  • The Changing Face of Archival Reference #saa15

    The Society of American Archivists (SAA) held its annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio from Aug. 16 through Aug. 22.  Dara A. Baker, head archivist for the Naval Historical Collection at the US Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

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  • Broadsword

    The Beauty of Analogies over Jargon

    During the course of this file share clean up project, I meet regularly with everyone: my IT partners, the department focal points (i.e. Super Users), as well as the content custodians. My contacts are both locally and globally located.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Fight For the Users

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Fight For the Users

    In our ongoing quest to clean up our file shares (because we know some day Microsoft will pull the rug from them), today we're going to look at the opportunity that security identifiers (SID) offer.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Keep Move Delete or Archive

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Keep, Move, Delete or Archive?

    Destruction of significant, unique objects from a file share is rarely the first step in the destruction phase of the life cycle of the record. Usually the process of elimination from deduplication to significant, unique object deletion is multi-faceted.

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  • A Simple RACI Chart for File Share Clean Up

    As you check off the tasks in the work breakdown structure of the file share clean-up project, certain persons within the organization will be quite vocal. One way to clarify the roles and their responsibilities is via the mechanism of a simple RACI chart. Remember: simple is elegant.

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  • Cleaning Up File Shares Bloody Footprints and Zombie Projects

    Cleaning Up File Shares: Bloody Footprints and Zombie Projects

    File share projects don't culminate in casual review of file extensions. The fun is just beginning. The next steps should include 'easy deletes', baseline statistical capture, and thoughtful project management.

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  • Cleaning Up a Large File Share

    File shares will not exist forever. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting them. It is important that IT departments begin reviewing the objects from the “bottom up” (file to folder to sub directory to directory) yesterday.

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  • What BeyondRecognition Brings to Document Management

    Ever heard of BeyondRecognition? If not, the time to learn is now. The Chantilly, Va.-based "document textnology" software provider offers document managers an alternative to optical character recognition (OCR), while delivering results with accuracy and speed. How BeyondRecognition Works Image Engine, a local company in Houston, is the only

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  • Clean Up SharePoint Legacy Content

    Legacy SharePoint cleanup is a perfect task for the Records Management (RM) department.

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  • CMSWire's Top Contributors 2013 - Mimi Dionne

    Some people think jazz improvisation is a free for all -- every musician doing his own thing. But the freedom to create is based on knowledge, discipline and structure -- which may account for Mimi Dionne's finding inspiration in Miles Davis's work to become an information professional. Mimi brings order

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  • 9 Days of Information Governance Analysis via Next Analytics and Hashtags

    The ARMA International Conference was fascinating this year.

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  • SharePoint Records Center in an Afternoon

    Architecting SharePoint Records Center requires minimal effort. It can be built in less than four hours. Getting Started with Records Center Here’s what you need: Executive support: By now, it goes without saying, doesn't it? But more importantly… Executive engagement:  Different animal entirely. If they’re not engaged, they’re confused.

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