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  • first frost

    Go Mobile (and Personalized) for 2016 Holiday Retailing Success

    The only things that holiday shoppers want this year are personalization, convenience and mobile — in short, everything — but if you’re a retailer, don't let that intimidate you.

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  • woman holding umbrella leaping in front of a yellow wall

    How Marketers Can Survive the Caprices of Search and Social Media

    Search and social algorithms go under such constant and unpredictable changes that long-term planning becomes a useless and wasteful process.  Take Google as an example. When it decided to cache all email images on its servers, marketers running emails with dynamic content that “refreshes” found themselves out of luck.

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  • long distance runner

    Agile CMOs Prepare For the Distance

    Tenure for CMOs has slipped for the first time in a decade, from 48 months to 44 months.  Combine that information with insights from Forrester, which revealed that 85 percent of marketing executives believe that today’s marketing department includes functions that no one thought would be a responsibility as recently

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  • Grand Central terminal

    The Daunting Task of Protecting Big Data

    Some 90 percent of the world’s data — maybe more — was created in the past two years.  Each digital move a person makes is now being watched and stored in an ever-expanding global universe of servers and data warehouses. By 2020, the size of this digital universe is expected to grow from

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  • the letter c

    The 3 C's of Modern Retail Marketing

    When retailers think about big data, the cost and complexity of sifting through the wealth of structured and unstructured data to make intelligent decisions can often seem overwhelming. But at its heart the key to unraveling big data lies in finding a common thread between context, content and customer satisfaction.

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  • How Retailers Can Drive Timely, Contextual Engagements

    Capitalizing on modern shopping behaviors and seasonal trends requires robust technology that recognizes today’s mobile-social consumers and engages them with the right messages at the right times.

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