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  • CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Social Business

    Social business has gone mainstream. In global companies of all sizes, in just about every industry, companies are using social business technologies help people connect, communicate and share information. In the past four years, social technologies have transformed the way we live and work, explained Peter Kim, chief solutions

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  • What Matters in Social Business?

    There's no doubt that social business has arrived. In three short years, we've adopted this umbrella concept to encompass function-specific concepts like word of mouth marketing, consumer advocacy and Enterprise 2.0.

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  • Moving Beyond Social Media

    Social media still matters. But to make these initiatives work for your business and its bottom-line, you need to move beyond social media alone and focus on social business. In February 2006, Forrester Research published a report titled “Social Computing,” bringing the basic principles of sharing and

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