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  • Without Fairness, Societies Will Fail

    Since World War II many societies have had a contract of fairness. Somewhere in the 1980s that contract began to be broken, and we are now paying a heavy price for that break. In the 1960s almost 80 percent of citizens trusted government in the U.S.

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  • Foundations of 'Social Rights' in a Scale-Free World

    One of the central paradoxes of the social web is this: social means "me, first." That sounds selfish, but I don't mean "me, first" in that sense. What I mean is that in a bottom-up, open context, our identity comes first, before connection.

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  • A New Social Contract

    In January 2004 I started writing a monthly column for Darwin magazine called Social Contract about the then-just-emerging awareness of social software, and since I am starting a weekly column here at CMSWire I thought I would take a look at that piece, with eight years of messing with social

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