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  • How Robotic Process Automation Fits in Your Contact Center

    How Robotic Process Automation Fits in Your Contact Center

    Automation has introduced efficiency throughout enterprises for decades now.  One example comes from the world of customer service. Contact centers have long embraced automation in the form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), much to the dismay of their customers.

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  • Chasing Profitability in Your Contact Center

    Chasing Profitability in Your Contact Center

    Businesses want to increase revenue (no surprises there). And this desire to maximize profitability is driving a new contact center model: the blended contact center.  Blended contact centers are responsible for both outbound and inbound calls.

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  • Interneer Intellect 7 Makes Workflow Automation Mobile, Flexible

    Workflow process management provider, Interneer has released its Intellect 7 Platform. The updated platform aims to advance the automation of business-critical processes, especially those associated with cloud applications and mobile apps.   Intellect is Interneer’s signature web-based integrated workflow and business process management software solution.

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  • CA Technologies Updates Workload Automation for Improved BPM

    CA Technologies has released an updated version of its Workload Automation software for automating business process workloads. Enhancements include a revised user interface, and expanded application and program support. Mark Combs, senior vice president for Strategy, Mainframe, said in a statement that, since Workload Automation “sits at the heart of

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