We continue our series on companies to watch today with Bounce Exchange, a web analytics firm that specializes in behavioral automation.

Year founded: 2010

Founders: Ryan Urban and Cole Sharp.

Founders backgrounds: Urban is a former director of acquisition at Bonobos and Brickhouse Security. He served on the advisory boards of both BabyAge.com and Bonobos. He was previously CEO at eUrbanWorks. He holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

Sharp co-founded DURKL Apparel. Before Bounce Exchange he was part of the marketing analytics team at Bonobos during its period of rapid growth. His former roles include director of business development at Hotlist.com. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School. 

Headquartered in: New York City

Number of employees: 140 

Number of customers: We have guidelines for the companies we work with. For the most part they need to have reached a specific scale. Right now, our total number of enterprise customers is in the hundreds. 

Awards/recognition: Both Internet Week and Crain’s New York named the company one of the best places to work in NYC. Computerworld ranked it number one overall in both employee retention and career development. Most recently, Fortune awarded Bounce Exchange the number three spot for best mid-sized employers in tech. 

Learning Opportunities

Cole Sharp and Ryan Urban of Bounce Exchange

When was your latest major platform release, and what did it entail? The Bounce Exchange platform is always evolving. We recently announced a partnership with Index Exchange to deliver high-impact, behavioral ad units. Our decision engine platform engages users right at the moment of disengagement. Rather than waiting for an ad to load before a user accesses desired content, ads are served within milliseconds when they finish with the content. This is exciting because they are as close to 100 percent viewable ad units as are available in the industry. 

What is one thing you have no one else does in this space? Bounce Exchange is building the largest conversion team in the world. In doing so we’ve created a new model for client service on the enterprise level. In the past client service was only used as a means to keep an account. For Bounce Exchange, keeping our accounts happy means delivering on actual observable results. By tying our success to the goals of our clients we’re able to observe what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge allows us to build our clients the tools that will make them successful. 

What is your total funding from investors to date? $7.85 million. 

What can we expect in terms of innovation in 2016? Bounce Exchange is growing fast and our platform is live on thousands of sites. As our client base grows our ability to optimize gets exponentially better. On a practical level this means we’re able to deliver behavioral automation to new places. 

For example, we’re bringing behavioral automation to the inbox. Our user-tracking algorithm now enables marketers to identify up to 10 times more prospects, automate inbox personalization and deliver a seamless brand experience across all devices. Whatever we happen to be innovating on at the moment, we are always looking to do the same thing: employ our machine learning platform to drive incremental revenue for our clients by guiding visitors toward the highest-yield action. 

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