Ariel Nishri

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Tel Aviv, Israel
Content Management, Information Management

Senior Product Manager, DG VideoFusion. Ariel is an experienced professional and entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in digital and broadcast media and is in charge of all of DG’s product aspects related to asset management, media processing, workflow automation, distribution and broadcast integration. Ariel develops product strategies, plans product features and roadmaps, designs tools and platforms for advertisers and agencies and has a proven track record in creating long lasting products used by media companies and media professionals.

Ariel has over 20 years of experience in the field; for six years he was Head of the Multimedia division and member of management at JCS, one of the largest post production facilities in EMEA. He founded and headed TVEX a TV distribution platform delivering 100% of TV spots digitally from posthouses to TV stations and cinemas in Israel. He headed operations and was a representative of both “Beam.TV” and “Smartjog.” Back in the mid 90’s, Ariel founded “Spotnik” one of the world’s first digital delivery and collaboration network connecting studios, agencies, advertisers and media professionals. Ariel served as CTO of Spotnik; the company was acquired in 2002.