When you think of your content strategy, are stories a part of the user experience? Randall Snare, Elizabeth McGuane of iQ Content thinks that telling stories should be a major component of your sales strategy.

The Human Experience

Think of your user. Think of the way you interact with the things you buy. Why do you want to buy something? Because of the story or because of the product? How do you separate them? Through some research, iQ Content looked into some of the habits and behaviors that influence consumers.

Here’s what they found:

  • People don’t like to be corralled.
  • Shape content for the user, not the system.
  • Give people more.

Putting analytics into action takes more than just numbers; it also requires some psychology. Not only do you need to understand what they want, you need to figure out what they don’t want, what frustrates them and what excites them and quantify it.

Design is a Balance of Data

Content strategy shows us the direction we want to go in, but with web analytics, a tactical approach can be implemented. Start by gathering a body of evidence, then apply human expertise to you content issues.

Once you can isolate and identify behaviors, you can begin to make consumers connections while sharing information is important.

For as much as data can influence your design and content strategy, you need to figure out what will make it successful for you.

What is the desired response? Is it a conversation, an RT, a purchase? With analytics you can monitor what is happening, but how your company responds will help build your brand.