Tools of the Trade: What Content Marketers Use to Manage Content  #CMWorld
One of the greatest aspect of any conference are the neat tools that get highlighted during sessions or in the exhibit hall. Here are a few of the free -- and paid -- content marketing tools that have been featured during Content Marketing World.

Know Your Competitor

During their “Defending Your Content Marketing & Social Media to the C-Level: Two Proven Strategies” Jenny Magic and Brian Massey gave us some great tools for figuring out how our competitors are doing what they're doing. Using you can find the third party tools that others are using on their website. This is not just for snooping, though. Ghostery also tells you what each of the tools are and how they are being used.


Ghostery tracks over 1,000 trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity.

SpyFu: Keyword Spying 

Finding the right keywords is great, but do you really know how they'll perform in AdWords? Using SpyFu you can discover what other advertisers ran into after they tried it. SpyFu goes far beyond just keyword or domain statistics so you can effectively understand the reach of your keywords. Additionally, they provide tools that can let you discover the words others are using.

Creating a Content Marketing Plan

While mapping out a plan for your content is helpful, being able to organize it effectively will help you. Laura Creekmore highlighted a number of tools that can be used to set up content calendars, or spreadsheets for tracking content.

Divvy HQ
DivvyHQ is the Content Marketing Industry’s first spreadsheet-free editorial calendar application built specifically for professional content producers.

Divvy has a variety of pricing plans that cater to small shops to large enterprises and is also available for free (1 calendar, 1 user). Functionality may vary depending on size.

Gather Content

Just out of Beta, Gather Content provides mapping tools designed make it easy to organize content. It provides collaboration and workflow tools, as well as ways to track and manage your content before and after it's published. Pricing starts at $US 24/month and can manage up to 40 active projects.

Google Docs

Sometimes the best tool is the simplest. Before you can even decide if you need something more advanced, it may be best to start off using what you know best -- Google Docs! Google Docs is continually adding functionality making it more efficient to chat, share and access easily.

Content Curation, Aggregation & Engagement

It's a multi-channel engagement world. It's not just about the content your creating, it's about where it goes after it publishes, as well as being able to leverage curation.


The PublishThis platform allows companies to search, curate and distribute the best content from around the web, including articles, blogs, videos, tweets and photos. You can easily aggregate, curate, organize and schedule information. Currently it exists as an API and as a plugin for WordPress and Drupal, but soon it will be available via a hosted site.

With so many tools from which to choose, it's great to have a context in which to explore them. We look forward to experimenting with these tools as well. Do you have a favorite content marketing tool? Share with us in the comments.