Want to make better decisions when it comes to your content strategy? Demandbase and the Content Marketing Institute have partnered to released a guide and corresponding infographic that illustrates the Content Delivery Funnel. Both are designed to point marketers in the right direction when deciding which technologies to use in their content marketing programs.  

The Funnel of Content Delivery

While an effective content strategy requires stellar and engaging content, it also requires that marketers employ the right technology to deliver it across a variety of relevant marketing channels. The Content Delivery Funnel put forth by the partnership is designed to help organizations prepare relevant content throughout each stage for automated delivery using the appropriate technologies.


Better Content + The Right Technology

It’s not a surprise that content marketing is now a critical component in marketing as more brands invest more time and energy on producing better content to better engage audiences instead of online advertising which can be disruptive to the customer experience. However, it’s not always crystal clear how to ensure that the right content gets to the right places.

Demandbase and the Content Marketing Institute hope that this infographic and the subsequent guide will direct marketers towards the appropriate technologies for each stage of the funnel. Marketers can learn when to use technologies including content management tools, display ad networks, marketing automation, webcasting platforms, CRM and more.