This week the Google-verse provided fans with Google Cloud SQL, a Twitter-esque feature in Plus, and better options for UN-sharing. 

Google Cloud SQL

In response to a highly requested feature, Google has announced the limited preview of Google Cloud SQL.

"You can now choose to power your App Engine applications with a familiar relational database in a fully-managed cloud environment," wrote Navneet Joneja, Product Manager for Google Cloud SQL. "This allows you to focus on developing your applications and services, free from the chores of managing, maintaining and administering relational databases.Benefits include:

  • No maintenance or administration
  • Reliability and availability - your data is replicated synchronously to multiple data centers. Machine, rack and data center failures are handled automatically to minimize end-user impact.
  • Familiar MySQL database environment with JDBC support (for Java-based App Engine applications) and DB-API support (for Python-based App Engine applications).
  • Comprehensive user interface for administering databases.
  • Simple and powerful integration with Google App Engine.

For now Cloud SQL is available free of charge, and the Internet giant promises to give a heads up at least 30 days before publishing pricing plans. 

No Dessert For You -- Google Delays Ice Cream Sandwich Release

Sad times for Android users. Google mysteriously delayed the release of  the newest version of the Android operating system, code named Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). The release is expected to tie the smartphone version of the operating system, Gingerbread, and the tablet's Honeycomb.

“Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall," the companies said in a statement. "We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced."

According to a Google spokesperson, the event was cancelled out of respect for Steve Jobs' passing.

Searching Hashtags in Google+

Google took a note from Twitter this week by enabling users to search kewords. Now, typing any word, hash tagged or not, into the Google Plus search bar brings up relevant conversations that have taken place on the platform. This includes G+ posts and Google+ Sparks posts.

Learning Opportunities

The search results will default to the “Everything” tab where you can sort by “Best of” — the most popular content — or “Most Recent” if you'd like to view the news by time and date:


Google + Gets Better at UN-sharing 

Since the beginning of Google+, users have been able to disable comments and prevent the sharing of posts, but could only do so after publishing. 

Now, these preferences can be set before you share. Check out how it works in the video below: