In the world of multichannel content delivery and management, partnerships are being formed at an astounding rate. Today, Alfresco and Acquia have announced a new partnership that will see the two open source platforms working together to provide advanced multichannel content management.

Acquia, Alfresco Digital Content

While both Acquia and Alfresco are strong, established players in their respective spaces,the two combined will greatly increase the ability of enterprises to provide full digital content management abilities to their clients, both internally and externally.

The combination will provide users with content applications that span everything from traditional document management to structured editorial workflows as well as the dynamic delivery of multichannel web experiences.

The result is a unified digital experience that pulls together content, community and commerce capabilities through the creation of web applications that can push content to all corners of the enterprises and to wherever it is needed.

Earlier this week we saw that many front-line workers were not in a position to close deals as many enterprise do not consider content delivery needs in their overall content strategies.

To some extent this partnership deals with this by attempting to ensure that content is available to all who need it through all channels.

Our partnership with Alfresco represents a key milestone in our efforts to help enterprises build business-critical digital experiences that work inside the enterprise, in the cloud and across mobile channels,” Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia said.

Open Platform Partnership

The dynamic between the two appears to be a natural one, so much so, infact, thatAlfresco has moved its own website to Drupal.

Learning Opportunities

Both, of course, are open source platforms and both address different parts of the enterprise content infrastructure.

Drupal offers agile application building for the the full range of Web CMS needs, with an existing 20,000 modules available for enterprises to use and re-use.

For its part, Alfresco provides flexible document management, editorial production workflow and collaboration capabilities, supporting core enterprise applications that need a structured approval and publishing process.

The result -- in theory at least -- is the development of business critical applications, including regulated content applications along with internal and external social applications that come with extensive content repositories and document collaboration functionality. More on this partnership as it develops.