Acquia Debuts Commerce Cloud to Unify Social, Community + Shopping
Acquia has launched a website builder called Commerce Cloud, and it looks to be a way for marketers to set up shopping focused sites that also bring together social and community tools.

Digital Engagement in the Cloud

Digital marketing continues to be the focus for Acquia, and Commerce Cloud obviously fits right in that space. Building websites with a clear shopping focus that are compatible across mobile devices and can be rapidly updated seems to be what Commerce Cloud is all about.

This being a shopping focused tool, security and a relatively painless check out are also necessary features. The difference between Commerce Cloud and Acquia's Open Web Experience Management system is one of scale. Commerce Cloud looks to be a more lightweight version of the more comprehensive OpenWEM. While it is extendable and can integrate with third party tools for many different needs, it's built for more targeted, shopping dedicated environments.

Watchmaker Timex has already built a site with Commerce Cloud, as seen above, and it's clearly a customized look with less of a focus on things like product reviews. Timex can build region specific websites with Commerce Cloud, and its small team of marketers can update the site with less help from IT. 

Content from social media or blogs can be added right to the poduct pages to create a more immersive experience, and so marketers who need to be able to quickly launch such commerce based websites may indeed find this tool handy.

Integrate with Search + Local Content

Because Acquia is based on Drupal, there are lots of add on possibilities with Commerce Cloud. The core product includes product content, pricing, and order management, and third party tools for transaction management, order support, localization and analytics are also able to be integrated.

Search is powered by Apache Solr, and there's also multi language support. Additionally, international currencies and tax requirements can also be incorporated via third parties. Acquia's continued focus on digital marketing has seen the company recently team up with Evergage on site personalization, and launch Site Factory for deploying multiple landing page and other sites fast.

Acquia's digital marketing tools will no doubt continue to expand as customers continue to become more empowered. Because so many people spend more and more time online, having the kinds of websites available from Commerce Cloud could be a lucrative path.