Adobe Connects Neolane Technology to Experience Manager

Adobe Connects Neolane Technology to Experience Manager

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Adobe continues to integrate the cross-channel campaign management technology it acquired when it bought privately held Neolane for $600 million last summer. It is connecting the technology to its web experience management system, Experience Manager to streamline the creation and delivery of content in real time, at scale and across all marketing channels.

Marketing, Content Under One Roof

Starting in early March, Adobe customers using both Campaign and Experience Manager will be able to do so under the same roof, so to speak, and at the Adobe Summit later that month, another integration milestone will be achieved, Patrick Tripp, senior product marketing manager at Adobe said in an interview.

"Unification is really starting to happen," Tripp said.

While not yet fully integrated, Adobe Campaign and Experience Manager now share a single digital asset repository, Tripp said. Additionally, data from both known and anonymous website visitors can be used in creating more personalized experiences. The content repository component is part of the larger Adobe Marketing Cloud integration, a suite of tools that Campaign joined last fall when it was rechristened Campaign.

Adobe has been working to simplify how all of these tools work together, and the Marketing Cloud interface supports the ability to use videos, images and other digital assets across all of the systems. The ability to use more precise website visitor data is the key to this integration.

Learning Opportunities

When marketers use what they know about visitors to provide relevant messaging,  it is called personalization. Advanced marketers are turning more and more to this method instead of still widely used spray and pray methods.

Campaign Added Features

Not only are Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) a bit closer together with this announcement, there are a couple of added features coming to Campaign as well, Tripp said.

German language support has been added, and there are some reporting enhancements in transactional messages. Furthermore, there are added localization and customization tools and processes, and the ability to build more real time campaigns, Tripp said.

The integration and added features are going through an internal beta, he added. There are over 400 customers currently using Campaign, likely those that came over in the Neolane buy. There are several customers now that are using both Campaign and AEM, Tripp said, and as the two grow closer together Adobe will no doubt focus more on even deeper integration of these tools. While we don't have a more detailed integration timeline, Tripp assured the Adobe Summit event in late March would hold the promise of another big announcement.

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