Adobe to Marry Online and Offline Experiences with Neolane Buy
Abobe is about to buy US$ 600 million worth of campaign management tools for its Marketing Cloud courtesy of Neolane, and the prospect of marrying online and offline experiences was a main driver of the deal, an Adobe representative told CMSWire.

Automating Complicated Marketing Tasks

We we noted in our announcement of the Adobe, Neolane buy, Neolane has the marketing automation tools that Adobe mostly lacked. The fact marketers have to contend with email, web, social and even direct mail and call center processes when considering their real time campaigns, has turned many into amateur programmers in order to fit all those pieces together. 

Being able to direct all channels together in one place, and making it repeatable is what we mean when we say automated. Neolane's campaign management tools (pictured above) contain just this kind of automation, and that is precisely why it made such a good fit with Adobe, Matthew Langie, Adobe senior director of strategic marketing said in an interview. 

"Customers are constantly telling us how hard marketing is, and social complicates things even more," Langie said.

"Neolane's marketing automation tools are quite robust."

Learning Opportunities

Adobe will add Neolane to its Marketing Cloud, but it will remain separate from the five distinct tools already in place there. Adobe Analytics, Target, Social, Experience Manager and Media Optimizer make up the Marketing Cloud currently, but there's been no decision made yet on if Neolane will be officially be dubbed Campaign Manager. It we were betting on it, we'd likely go with that.

Online Meets Offline

Neolane will be able to help Adobe customers combine campaigns across Web, social and mobile campaigns, but also across direct mail and call center channels, Langie said. Imagine someone shopping for a bicycle, and they get notified about a sale from a direct mailing. If that person then went onto the website and looked at a particular style or brand of bicycle, the system could recognize that, and adjust the mailer the next time it gets sent out.

That kind of personalization is tough to pull off across channels, and is part of the reason large companies buy up marketing vendors. It's hard to develop marketing tools in a large company, so the innovations come from the smaller venders, and then the big dogs snap them up. Oracle and Eloqua, and Salesforce and ExactTarget were just the first two big deals. 

Several Neolane executives will be folded into the Adobe management team when the deal closes, including CEO Stephane Dehoche who will report directly to Brad Rencher, Adobe SVP and GM of digital marketing.