Adobe Reorg Puts Customer Experience Up Front as HP Enters Competitive Fray with Autonomy

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As digital advertising grows to an estimated US$ 72 billion market in 2011 measuring, managing and optimizing this spend has become a priority for Adobe. A reorganization announced today puts Brad Rencher, currently in charge of Adobe's Omniture business unit, out front in this domain and overseeing the company's customer experience management (CXM) solutions, largely got via the Day Software acquisition.

Aligning Around Content

Probably the biggest news is that Adobe Senior VP, Rob Tarkoff, is leaving Adobe. For where, we don't know. But his exit leaves holes to fill and here's how Adobe is doing it:

  • Content Authoring: Adobe senior vice president David Wadhwani remains at the helm here and will take on responsibility for Adobe Acrobat business in addition to Adobe’s Creative Solutions and Platform businesses.
  • Digital Marketing: Adobe senior vice president, Brad Rencher, will be responsible for Digital Marketing and enterprise solutions. As the current VP for the Omniture side of this business, Rencher now also gets Adobe's customer experience management solutions which include former Day Software's Web CMS.

Building (or Acquiring) the Customer Experience

Adobe is not the only vendor making bold moves that support an increased focus on customer experience and digital marketing. Oracle has outlined its Fatwire integration plans. Oracle sees its WebCenter platform as the central point for all its customer experience solutions, and FatWire brings some key components including: targeting and analytics, content authoring, gadgets and content delivery.

A smaller player, eZ Systems also made a recent acquisition to bolster its CXM efforts. Personalization provider YOOCHOOSE will see its solution integrated into eZ Publish Enterprise Edition under the new name eZ Recommender Engine. 

Learning Opportunities

And of course on the large scale, HP's announcement yesterday that it intends to acquire enterprise information management vendor, Autonomy, has CXM leadership potential written all over it.

One big name that's been striking for its absence is Microsoft. Perhaps the IT giant has one too many battles on its hands already.

Marketing Dollars Up for Grabs

Much of the news we hear these days is focused on the needs of digital marketers. Solutions once aimed at IT departments are swiftly being enhanced, re-designed or simply re-branded to entice digital marketers to take a closer look. The players in this arena are numerous, and one thing is clear, Adobe plans to fight for its place at the table.