Marketing is increasingly becoming an activity that is primarily conducted on a digital platform, rather than an activity that is conducted offline and then transformed to digital. At this year’s Adobe Summit 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT March 4-8 (preconference events March 4-5), speakers and sessions will highlight exactly how marketers are gaining strategic influence and improving the ROI of their activities with digital technology.


March 4 and 5 will feature a number of one- and two-day preconference training sessions on a variety of Adobe applications. In addition, Tuesday, March 5 will feature briefings for Adobe Solution Partners and Sponsors. The main event kicks off the morning of Wednesday, March 6 and continues through the afternoon of Thursday, March 7. Friday, March 8 is a day of skiing at Canyons Resort.

Conference sessions are divided into seven main tracks:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Social Marketing
  • Targeting & Optimization
  • Tech Labs
  • Web Experience Management

CMSWire will be providing live,onsite coverage and tweets of conference sessions at the Adobe Summit. Following are a few highlights from different session tracks:

Session: Cross-channel digital marketing: Using data to drive consumer interactions

Presenters: Colby Cavanaugh, ExactTarget, Salman Mian, ExactTarget, Stuart Coleman, ExactTarget

Track: Digital Advertising

Description: Data drives relevance, and the more you know about your consumers -- their aspirations, motivations, or even just how they prefer to hear from your brand -- the more you can deliver what they want. And when you deliver what they want, they’ll continue to remain loyal and engaged over time. This session will describe how to leverage your consumer data to drive more relevant content, create meaningful conversations across multiple digital channels and develop customer engagement practices to build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

Session: B2B targeting and personalization: Web engagement and predictive modeling

Track: Digital Analytics

Presenters: Ben Chandruang, NetApp, Greg Ott, Demandbase, Kim Mai, NetApp

Description: With buyer engagements shifting online, B2B marketers need to deliver digital experiences that resonate with target businesses, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and accelerate the sales cycle. Web analytics, targeting tools, and predictive analytics are now adapting to the new B2B buyer, and companies are learning how to engage, connect, and model future customer behavior to nurture and accelerate leads to sales. 

Session: The new mobile playbook: Turning big data into big dollars

Track: Marketing Innovation

Presenter: Jack Philbin, Vibes

Description: Merging mobile and big data opens new doors for marketers to deliver personalized mobile experiences that drive revenue growth and ongoing loyalty. CMOs need to think and act like entrepreneurs to capitalize on today’s mobile opportunities.

Session: Managing the customer journey in a multichannel world 

Track: Social Marketing

Presenters: TBD

Description: Fostering long-term relationships with customers is more complex in the digital world, but also offers great opportunities. Using mobile in coordination with other digital channels, such as email and social, can help develop customer loyalty.

Session: The future of commerce

Track: Targeting & Optimization

Presenter: Brian Walker, hybris

Description: Demographic shifts and technology trends are converging in a way that is dramatically changing the nature of the way we buy and sell goods and services for both B2C and B2B companies. Selling to and servicing your customer is now a complex web of interactions that span multiple, proliferating touchpoints. This new reality presents B2C and B2B companies with enormous opportunity, but requires a new strategic mindset. 

Session: Adobe Marketing Cloud: 1+1=3 Leveraging Adobe CQ integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Track: Tech Labs

Presenter: Marcel Boucher, Adobe Systems, Inc.

Description: Get introduced to the basics of integrating a CQ powered website with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This lab takes you through deploying a CQ website integrated with Adobe SiteCatalyst to collect visitor behavior, showcasing best practices for building an optimized, customer experience based on content-driven data.

Aligning your web experience program with your largest channel

Track: Web Experience Management

Presenters: Jim Yu, BrightEdge, Dave Lloyd, Adobe Systems, Inc., David McCarty, Travelocity, Tony Mao, BrightEdge

Description: As a digital marketer, you’ve seen the increasing importance of quality content to drive traffic and conversions. And chances are your largest single channel of traffic is organic search. But how do you align your content strategy with your SEO practice? How can you optimize the search performance of your content as you create it to drive traffic and conversions on your site? What if you could tightly integrate your CMS and SEO technology and processes?