Why should Big Data remain in the hands of IT? Alteryx believes it doesn’t have to, and, with its April release of its Strategic Analytics platform, the company says it is further advancing the Consumerization of Big Data. 

Version 8.5 empowers what Alteryx describes as Data Artisans -- business analysts and decision makers who are skilled in combining available data to inform strategic decisions -- through interfaces and app builders designed for business users. The company’s position is that the full potential of Big Data cannot be delivered if such analysis has to rely on custom projects or specialists’ tools.

Social Media, Interface

George Mathew, president and chief operating officer, said in a statement that Alteryx version 8.5 continues the company’s goal of putting “Big Data and customer analytics where they have the most value -- into the hands of the business analyst and the decision maker.”

The platform is designed to help Data Artisans create the Big Data analytics that decision makers in sales, marketing and operations need. Alteryx also offers an Analytics Gallery, where users can try, build and share apps for its platform.


The upcoming version of the cloud-based platform offers new capabilities for feeding social media data into any analytics, and a new interface optimized for these Data Artisans.

Gnip Partnership

The new release also provides the first native output of Tableau Data Extract files from an analytics platform's process, for use with Tableau Software’s data visualization suite. The files utilize the Tablet Data Extract API available in the upcoming Tableau 8.0. Alteryx said it is also building on its partnership with Teradata, with support for its high-speed data warehouse connector and for Teradata Aster analytical capabilities. Additionally, Alteryx will be offering a new Oracle database bulk loader.

The new release includes the ability to integrate location intelligence, with mapping capabilities, into analytic applications. There are also new predictive analysis tools, such as market basket analysis and A/B testing.

Data from Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare can now be added into Strategic Analytics workflow. The company is also announcing a partnership with social data provider Gnip. The companies said the integration is intended to offer access to data analysis “from the full firehouse of conversation from Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits and Disqus.”