Angel Labs has debuted its Lexee voice activation system that can be added to existing iOS and Android mobile apps, including Salesforce.

Lexee is a software development kit that is not quite as powerful as the well known Siri app from Apple, but it does allow for voice access within the app it is added to. It's not an internet search tool like Google Voice, but for any app that uses Lexee, Angel includes analytics that can help enterprises learn how to refine the voice feature for the more efficient use.

Not Just Speech to Text

Lexee is also not limited to speech to text functionality like with Medallia Mobile Feedback or like in the Nuance PDF Converter. Using Salesforce as an example, Lexee can access sales data, upcoming deals or sales team info.

Lexee for Salesforce will debut in October, the company said, but the technology used to create Lexee is already in use in other Angel products. Angel built, a portal through which voice messages and comments can be sent directly to a company's Facebook or Twitter page.


Simply ask Lexee about a deal that has closed, and it can find the data and speak it.

Additionally, Lexee itself was developed in part with tools from Angel's Site Builder tool. Site Builder is for adding voice features to call centers, and it uses a visual tool kit that simplifies the process. For Lexee users, this is important because it means no coding skills are necessary to set up on an existing app.

Dreamforce Debut

Angel is showing off Lexee at Salesforce's annual convention Dreamforce this week. Attendees will get a sneak peak look at Angel's Lexee for Salesforce app, and can also try out Voice for Chatter, Angel's tool for adding voice activation to a Chatter social media account. 

Because of the October launch, Dreamforce should be a good opportunity for the company to get some valuable feedback before the full Lexee release. Tell us in the comments if you use any voice apps and what you think are the best uses for the technology (search, speech to text, ease of use, etc).