Apple is preparing to release its third iOS update in as many weeks, this time to combat a surge of jailbreaks as users try to live outside of Apple's walled-garden.

Back Behind Bars, You!

Hot on the heels of iOS 6.1.1 and update 6.1.2 that fixed various issues within the wonderful world of Apple, you will soon be able to download (or avoid) iOS 6.1.3 which prevent users from jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad devices, or recaptures those that have broken out. This after millions of users have already apparently done so, which makes you wonder quite why Apple is so often going against its own users' wishes. 

Evasi0n uses a series of flaws in iOS 6.x versions, and this update from Apple will close at least one essential for it to run, which may effectively bolt the door on those who have chosen to jailbreak their phones already. Of course, users can choose not to update their phone, but you can be sure Apple will be pushing future essential apps with compatibility tied to this update. 

Taking Evasive Action

Curious what all this jailbreaking fuss is about? search for Cydia, that's the most popular app for jailbroken devices allowing customization and non-Apple approved apps to be downloaded. 

Learning Opportunities

Evasi0n caused such a flurry of activity as Apple had  been pretty tight on jailbreaking in recent years and this cunningly constructed hack has claimed some seven-million downloads in its first four days. Even Apple and all its resources have now taken over a week to respond, with testing required to make sure that the fix doesn't do any wider damage. 

We're vaguely curious to see if Apple will drop a goodie into the update to tempt users back into the fold, but as soon as it drops, hackers will be looking for another way around it, to add all those extra features they like in their iOS device. 

Some coders are already saying that the new iOS can be jailbroken using a combination of previous techniques, but anything that's too cumbersome for many will leave it in the realm of the compulsive tweaker until the next every-man style hack arrives.