Apple Reported to Buy HopStop for Even More Maps Data

Apple is getting closer to a mobile overhaul with the upcoming release of iOS 7, and it now looks as if the company has gone out and bought mapping app HopStop.

Don't Lose Me Bro

Apple's Maps app has never been able to keep up with the all powerful Google Maps, and this week has seen the company absolutely launching itself into upgrading it. Not only did Apple announce it bought Locationary this week, but it now seems as if it has bought up HopStop, Bloomberg reported.

Besides sometimes getting its users a bit lost down in Australia, Apple Maps doesn't have public transit data integrated. That might not even matter, except Google Maps, that we already know is pretty handy, does indeed have this kind of feature.

Luckily for Apple HopStop specializes in public transit data, so now it can check that off its list of to do items. HopStop doesn't have the widespread capabilities of Google either, but it's as good of a place to start as any. It's not like Apple could have built up this feature on its own. Well, perhaps it could have, but Apple Maps may have simply gotten too much bad press to really pull that off.

Google Maps Sets the Bar High

Google has obviously been through the ringer for its Maps app as well, we should point out. It's been sued over privacy issues for its patented street view, but there's nothing else out there that matches its all around features. Nokia gets an honerable mention here, however, as its Drive app generally gets high praise from those who know it.

The timimg of Apple on both of these app purchases was truly pinpoint. Google updated its Maps for iOS version just a day ahead of the Locationary buy, a move Apple may have been waiting for to make its announcement. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS upgraded with indoor maps and real time traffic updates. 

HopStop features transit directions in over 600 cities around the world, and it actually offers many system maps as in app upgrades. Those who have downloaded the app can also post updates on any changes that have been made to a route, a little crowdsourcing feature that reminds of the Waze app (now Google owned).

Apple will broadcast its Q3 numbers in the next week, so that should be a decent time to catch up the why's and how much's of this week's deals. Tell us in the comments if you are a Google Maps kind of person or if you have another maps app that you think is noteworthy.