Optimization of your web, mobile and social efforts is the key to online success.

The digital trail of actions and responses that people leave as they interact across the web is enormous and growing daily. This presents experience and content managers with a huge opportunity and a huge challenge.

Are you up to the optimization challenge?

A recent survey of 300 top digital marketers conducted by non-profit think tank Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) and social media consultancy Human 1.0 found that 72% of marketers have shifted budget from traditional advertising to digital advertising in the last twelve months.

Great. But the challenge is that the digital space is very different and changing rapidly. The skills, the technology, the strategies are new and dynamic -- website managers and digital marketers need to adapt.

Join CMSWire as we host a free, interactive webinar discussion on May 2 at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 19:00 GMT. The theme is Using Analytics & Customer Data to Build Great Customer Experiences.

Dan Keldsen, a partner at Human 1.0 and Kevin Cochrane, VP Enterprise Marketing at Adobe Systems will lead the session. Participants (hopefully you) will be engaged to steer the conversation via your questions and concerns. A Q&A session will follow.

The event will be centered on these topics:

  • How tuning web experiences makes brands like Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon leaders of the pack
  • Which analytics, data and optimization strategies are working best
  • Key skills you need to turn customer behavior analysis in to action

If 80% of marketers believe data-driven marketing enables better understanding of their customers, but 78% admit they don't adequately use the available customer data, whether in real-time or in analytics and planning, then something needs to change.

Register for this event -- learn more about what you can for your organization.