Looks like Attensity is getting with the social times. The company announced the addition of a Facebook module to its analytics and engagement application, enabling business users to extract business insights from the network's comments, posts and surveys.

Attensity Analyze 6.0

The module is packed into Attensity Analyze 6.0, the latest iteration of the customer engagement and analytics application. 

Business folks can use the app to tap into the root causes of issues captured in their customer conversations, receive detailed sentiment analysis and identify emerging trends. Analyze 6.0 allows users to build and customize reports around key themes, such as customer sentiment, product and service issues, intent to churn and emerging trends through a drag-and-drop interface:


The addition of Facebook data obviously enhances these capabilities, buttressing them with the power of 750 million registered users. 

A Spoonful of Facebook 

The Facebook Analytics Module reportedly analyzes over 75 million online and social media sources, including Twitter's complete data stream. Users can also plug in a Facebook corporate profile and automatically receive posts, comments and survey responses in real time. Attensity says the "likes" in posts, comments and surveys on Facebook can also be leveraged and understood as 'votes' for richer understanding:


"With over 750 million Facebook users worldwide, Facebook is the largest and most visited social network in the world, and more companies are using it as a platform to communicate and engage with their customers," said Catherine van Zuylen, vice president of global product management at Attensity. "With the new Facebook Analytics Module, organizations use Attensity's powerful multi-lingual semantic text mining capabilities to better understand customer needs and wants, drive competitive insights, improve brand engagement and more." 

Like we said at the time of the Attensity Analyze 6.0 release, collecting information about your brand is only part of the social puzzle. To create conversations with your customers that matter, you need to know what you’ll do with the intelligence once gathered. 

However, more relevant data is a great start, and it looks like Attensity is aiming to offer that foundation with the Facebook module.