Social media marketing generates many possibilities, but which ones can become prospects? Today Awareness Inc. unveils a new Social Marketing Automation suite which allows marketers to identify, store and rank prospects across major social networks, based on their own scoring criteria.

The suite bases its criteria on listening, engagement and actions that have been defined by a company’s own business rules, instead of more generalized Likes, fans and comments, which Awareness said is the more common approach.

No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’

The company said that this approach means marketers “no longer need to rely on one-size-fits-all third party scoring rules to identify the best prospects for nurturing activities or activities to target.” By customizing and acting on social data, Awareness said, marketers can more easily prospect, capture, target and convert leads.

CEO Brian Zanghi said in a statement that his company’s solution offers brands the ability to “identify likely customers on the social web, stack-rank them on their own set of business rules, and engage and market to them for increased sales, market share and brand advocacy.”

In its announcement, the company quoted Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers and Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Gillin said that information about leads is not the problem, but lead quality is. He added that Awareness is making it easy for a company to define “a context that is relevant to their business,” and to “find and focus on only the highest-value leads.”

The three components utilized in Awareness’ solution are Social Prospecting, an Automated Social Profile Database and Social Scoring.

Learning Opportunities

awareness screenshot 8612.png

Profiles, Scoring

Social Prospecting allows a marketer to identify new prospects, and the Database populates profiles in real time with available demographic information and a user’s social activity, developing a picture of the brand’s existing audience as well as the targeted prospects.

With Social Scoring, weighted scores are applied to social profiles in the Database, according to specific and defined business goals. Prospects can then be integrated into CRM, marketing or email management systems.

The Burlington, Massachusetts-based Awareness provides OnDemand Social Marketing Automation Software that addresses demand generation, customer acquisition and social customer engagement. Clients include MLB, Comcast, American Cancer Society, Nuance, Trend Micro and Computer Associates.