Social media monitoring tool, Engagio has announced that it will be integrating with Influitive, a B2B Marketing platform.

Digital Marketing with Influitive and Engagio

As a B2B Marketing company, Influitive's focus is on taking positive customer feedback and turning that into a marketing and sales tool. In using the AdvocateHub product, B2B marketers can create an “advocate community" where they invite their customers and fans to talk about a product whether it be through a referral, reference call or product review. In exchange for their time, these individuals are given points, badges and levels that come with certain privileges.

As for Engagio, they are a self-proclaimed social conversation network, providing analytics and social tracking tools to improve engagement and social conversation between marketers and customers. They recently updated their social inbox tool to monitor individual comment and post threads.

An Idea Becomes Reality

According to two separate blog posts announcing the new partnership from Mark Organ CEO and co-founder of Influitive and William Mougayar, CEO and co-founder of Engagio, a partnership providing Influitive with advocacy related social interactions via Engagio’s API has been discussed since last summer.

It was in December of 2012 that this idea became a reality. Organ and Mougayar believe that each of their companies held a key part of advocate marketing and by combining they could offer marketers and advertisers a more complete tool set.

Influitive offered an application and advocate experience that made it easy to mobilize customers,” says Mougayar. “Engagio owned technology that can help B2B marketers identify the best opportunities for advocate engagement."

What Does this Partnership Mean?

According to both Organ, combining their technology allows them to create an advocate-centered sales model.

Having the technology behind Engagio to add to Influitive's innovative B2B product knocks down one of the main barriers to overcome and gives you the ability to have your advocates show up at the right time, in the right conversation and tip the scales in your favor,” he says.

In other words, Engagio will add their technology to the AdvocateHub platform to help with the the system’s social conversation tracking and monitoring capabilities, as well as providing other intelligence tools.

Specific updates haven't been announced, but the Engagio capabilities will be introduced as part of the AdvocateHub platform in the coming months.