Brand management software and DAM provider, Brandworkz has released version 5.1.2 of its software which now boasts improved speed and functionality.

In order to make its products better and to draw in more clients, a company has to listen to current customer feedback, which is what Brandworkz has done with the release of 5.1.2. The software provider found that many of its customers were looking for a product with the ability to work efficiently, but quickly, so Brandworkz has updated its software to reflect these suggestions.

Showcase, Workflow and User Management

While most of the Brandworkz features have merely been updated, the software provider has also integrated a new tool: Showcase. Brandworkz launched the digital marketing and collaboration tool in February, and it has now been incorporated to compliment the Brandworkz brand management platform with an improved artwork submission and upload process.

As for 5.1.2’s workflow function, managers now have a better understanding of what tasks are being completed, haven't been started and are in progress, as email notifications are sent if tasks are overdue or a task hasn't yet been assigned to an employee. Managers can also limit how many and to which fields metadata is set during any stage of the workflow.

With these updates, users can also sign onto the platform easier with a SAML single-sign on, while managers have the ability export custom user fields, auto-assign new users to particular groups and forward new users to a customer landing page that relates to the group they've been assigned to.

Brandworkz Showcase 5.1.2

An example of Showcase

Metadata, Assets and Speed

As with any platform or product, speed is important. With Brandworkz version 5.1.2 pages are displayed at least 2.5 times faster, while keyword searches show results about 2.3 times faster and the workflow dashboard is displayed 3.5 times faster than previous versions.

As for metadata, users can target metadata sets more efficiently as this feature is now linked to page type. With assets users can have a sense of transparency with a background checkered image, that Brandworkz says is useful for those companies with white logos and thumbnails can be loaded in separate server threads in order to separate problematic or corrupt files from the other files.

Founded in 1997, Brandworkz has been working for well over a decade to make brand management, DAM and marketing an easier and more efficient process.