Media flow and marketing technology software provider ADAM Software has partnered with Brightcove to bring DAM Video services to the cloud platform.

Both Brightcove and ADAM Software have entered into a variety of partnerships this year aimed at improving business productivity and customer interaction. Brightcove has integrated its platform with a number of web/customer experience vendors including Adobe, Sitecore and Drupal. On the other hand, ADAM software has been working with ConceptShare to develop cross-media collaboration solutions. Now through their partnership the two companies want to improve the video experience. 

The Problem with Video

ADAM Software has found that while there are many video platforms out there, such as YouTube, companies still run into problems when creating and uploading these videos. Most of the time "corporate videos" don't have DAM control, which makes the creation and promotion process frustrating, as businesses have to rely on a variety of tools to get the video to a publishable stage. Other problems that can stem from this lack of control include having to manually upload the same video across a variety of different platforms. For example, the person who is uploading the video may have to manually do so to both Facebook and YouTube in three to four different languages, while trying to make sure that everything in that video is up to date and accessible for all viewers.

The Solution

Early next year, ADAM plans to introduced a new DAM-based video management solution, where users will have access to and store all of the technical parts video, including metadata, audio files as well as being able to correct any file errors.

Being in complete control of a video's content isn't the only reason that this new partnership and video solution will prove to be beneficial; it will also be an important stepping stone in terms of digital marketing. ADAM and Brightcove aim to utilize everything that video advertising offers.

Users will not only be able to use videos as a promotional tool, but be able to monitor, customize the video and have access to relevant marketing data, such as viewing comments and statistics.

This partnership introduces a variety of ways for organizations to improve workflow efficiency and measurement around their digital marketing initiatives,” said Shiri Friedman, Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships for Brightcove. “We look forward to working with ADAM Software and offering marketers a more integrated way to monitor, control and access their video-related data."