ClickFuel Links Market Insights to Mobile for SMBs

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Everyone knows that small and medium-sized business are different from larger enterprises. But when it comes to managing a smaller company’s online activity, not all tools are one-size fits all. SMBs may be hard-pressed to find a tool that’s both comprehensive, affordable and convenient to use. While ClickFuel has strategically delivered its marketing analytics and performance management tools to companies within the SMB space -- today, they have stepped up their game by offering an iOS app that allows its customers to respond to leads in real time.  

Smaller Companies, Bigger Impact

The new ClickFuel app is aimed at helping SMBs track, grade and respond to incoming leads, much the same way larger companies can. It’s not just that SMBs want the same functionality that bigger companies are provided. Rather, it’s that for smaller companies, being able to track their company’s presence online and respond to customers in real-time, is the often difference between making a sale or losing a sale, which can significantly impact the growth of the business.

Last week, we reported that SMBs are very focused on using digital marketing to improve sales. As if in response, ClickFuel offers Market Link, a lead tracking tool available for SMBs. With Market Link, account managers at ClickFuel’s media partners are now equipped with a value-added tool that enables their SMB customers to manage incoming business at any time, from any location.


Learning Opportunities

Understanding Insights as it Happens

The app, available for both iPad and iPhone provides SMBs with insights about their sales and marketing efforts. Such information can enlighten account managers about how to sustain high customer satisfaction, which can help increase lifetime value, while reducing churn.

With the new mobile application, SMB mobile users can:

  • Review, rate and respond to voicemail, forms and email leads directly from the app;
  • View marketing campaign results such as search engine marketing (SEM) click-though rate and search engine optimization (SEO) keyword ratings to quickly determine the effectiveness of each digital campaign;
  • View incoming website traffic visits, bounces (visitors who view only a single page) and bounce rate; and
  • Add notes to each lead, which sync automatically with the ClickFuel analytics dashboard on the SMB’s desktop, providing interoperability

Improving the customer experience and optimizing for the customer journey aren't just steps reserved for behemoth companies that are well-staffed and budgeted. For smaller companies, being able to manage the customer experience has traditionally been more labor intensive, especially if they're relying on multiple tools across a variety of platforms to stay on top of it all. With ClickFuel's MarketLink app, SMBs can now streamline their performance management, while improving their access to valuable market insights - which sounds like a great fit.