Curious if you could get more bang for your buck if you integrated your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with your Web Experience Management (WEM)? Wondering if it's a possibility or it it's more trouble than it's worth? Join us on February 20th as we host a Google Hangout to discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating your MAP and WEM.

Web Experience Management has evolved in the last few years from managing one website to providing seamless cross channel experiences. Marketing automation works to streamline the marketing process, aiding in lead generation and building up a database of knowledge. While apparently divergent workstreams, the two are working towards a common goal: to inform and nurture customer leads.

The Hangout Questions

These points of overlap between MAP and WEM beg the question: can we make these currently siloed workstreams better through shared data? And how would that integration work? To answer these questions, we've gathered some leading practitioners to answer the following questions:

  1. Start by defining MA and WEM -- what in your mind is the core purpose of each?
  2. MAP and WEM overlap in a number of ways (landing pages, forms, activity tracking, a quest for relevancy, visitor profiles, CRM integration and of course, data). What are the opportunities and challenges for WEM vendors to integrate with MA to improve WEM?
  3. Thinking in terms of integration, do efforts like WEMI hold promise for better interoperability, integration and data sharing between WEM and MAP platforms going forwards? Will there be other standardization efforts for integrating/sharing "context"?
  4. Where do you see the future of WEM heading, in terms of digital marketing platforms?

The Hangout Panelists

We've gathered a great group of panelists to discuss the challenges and benefits to an integrated marketing automation web experience management strategy. 

  • Beth Torrie -- Vice President, Strategic Engagement, Sitecore
  • Brennan Carlson -- Vice President of Product & Strategy, Lyris
  • Tom O'Brien -- Vice President of Products, Ektron
  • Roland Benedetti -- Vice President of Product Services, eZ Systems
  • Tom Wentworth -- Chief Marketing Officer, Acquia

Watch the Conversation Live

To join, click on the CMSWire Google+ Event page for the hangout. Anyone can listen in and the event will be recorded and posted on YouTube for those who can't make it. Use the #ghwemma hashtag to share your thoughts on the discussion.

Not on Google+? No worries, we'll be live streaming the event from the CMSWire YouTube account (check out the Google Hangout we did in December with Deb Lavoy and Rich Blank on the social enterprise while you are there) and in an article directly on our website.

Mark your calendars, get your Google+ up and running and take a little time to talk the future of Web Experience and Marketing Automation with our great group panelists. We look forward to seeing you there.