Digital Marketing: Video Making an Impact

Digital measurement and analytics company comScore, has released its online video rankings from May 2013. This information, which was complied by the comScore Video Metrix service, determined that over 40 billion videos were watched during the month of May, with most of these views coming from YouTube. Video advertisements, which were lead by the Brightroll platform, had a total of 15.8 billion views.

Video is Here to Stay

Since the creation of film ad television, video has been an important way to reach customers and connect with an audience.

Now, in the onset of digital media, video has taken its place among digital marketing tools through video and advertisement platforms, as can been seen from the comScore statistics which found that 84.8 percent of internet users in the United States watched an online video last month.

Google Leads the Pack

When looking for a video, most people gravitate to YouTube with its wide video selection, which was corroborated according to the comScore numbers -- at least in terms of viewership. During the month of May there was a total of 40,953,776,000 videos watched with an average time spent of 1, 247.9 minutes per individual viewer. Google sites, which include YouTube, had the most viewers at 154.5 million, which was well ahead of its closest competition, Facebook and AOL at 60.4 and 53.8 million respectively.The lowest amount viewership came from Turner Video with 32.9 million views.

Streaming Ads Continue to Do Well

The second area highlighted by comScore is streaming-video advertisements, or ads that play before or during a break in other videos. While sites such as YouTube often give viewers the option to skip these ads, it appears that they are still making an impact. According to comScore over 15.8 billion video ads were viewed in May. BrightRoll was the most popular platform with 2.6 billion ads followed closely by Google at 2.55 billion.

Learning Opportunities

Comscore Video Impressions

BrightRoll wasn't the top platform in every category. When looking at frequency, or the amount of ads seen by an viewer, Hulu was in first place with an average of 71.3, compared with BrightRoll’s average of 52.5.

A Look at YouTube

As YouTube is one of the most popularvideo platforms available, many companies tend to use it to promote products and services, instead of creating a company owned video platform. When looking at YouTube Partner channels, comScore reported that music channel VEVO had 50.2 million views with an average of 36.1 minutes spent on the channel by each viewer. This was followed by FullScreen, a network for creators and brands which had 36.5 million views and 23.8 minutes per viewer. Other companies that rounded out the top five partners are Maker Studios Inc,Warner Music and ZEFR.

Video in the News

Video is becoming an important part of the digital marketing landscape through impressions and video platforms, which is why this report isn't the only newsworthy piece of late. YouTube recently added a paid subscription model and Panopto updated its end-to-end platform, while comScore itself launched a multi-platform audience reporting tool which combined the tool used to generate this report with two of the company's other flagship products.