Online advertisement optimization company DataPop has launched a semantic advertising platform that integrates with Google's Product Listing Ads (PLA) platform. The company claims triple digit improvements on clicks and conversions.

What is DataPop?

Advertising industry veterans Jason Lehmbeck and John Zimmerman launched DataPop in 2008 to create easier, but efficient marketing processes. DataPop uses semantic technologies and natural language processing to match customer inquiries to present relevant, customizable ads. Some of the DataPop features include raw query and performance data from publishers, finding of relevant keywords based on search patterns and multivariate testing of ad and keyword components.

The PLA Solution for Digital Marketing

Product Listing Ads or PLAs are advertisements that appear when a user searches for a particular product through a regular or shopping-based search engine, such as Google or Bing. The user is shown a product image, price and your store name. Clicking on your ad directs a customer to your website. When that happens, you pay Google for the click.

Bing is also planning on launching its own version of PLAs, a combination of free and paid, but the details are not available quite yet.

The Integrated Experience

DataPop has found that sometimes, Google's PLA platform doesn't work as well as it should, since irrelevant or generic ads appear within search results. With a focus on "Offer Driven Search," DataPop can monitor product feeds and other retail information to ensure that only the most relevant products are seen by customers.

What’s most compelling about our PLA platform is the dramatic relevance improvements it creates relative to the poorly matched ad solutions in the industry,” said Jason Lehmbeck, DataPop’s CEO and co-founder. “While most are struggling to understand the impact of Google’s PLA product on the marketplace and how they are going to integrate within it, we have launched a solution to actually grow and optimize media spend against this exciting new opportunity for marketers.”

The DataPop PLA Details 

With this in mind, the DataPop PLA platform gives marketers and businesses the tools to create ads (with photos, promotional text, pricing and ad copy) that are targeted specifically to a particular consumer demand or need. It then weeds out generic advertisements and only shows a customer products that matches what they've searched.

Features of the platform include semantic field optimization, multivariate testing of product feeds, product attribute and intent insights and an integration with third-party SEM platform for tracking purposes.

Specific details, such as platform pricing or availability, have not been released.