Demandbase Adds Real-Time Identification for Salesforce #Dreamforce

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Demandbase Adds Real-Time Identification for Salesforce #Dreamforce
Looking for a way to integrate the functionality of real-time customer analytics into your Salesforce.com account? Look no further than Demandbase. Today, the targeting platform announced the availability of a Real-Time Identification API for Salesforce.com. Together, valuable customer insight from Demandbase’s proprietary platform used to identify otherwise anonymous web visitors and key corporate data, is pushed right into the CRM platform.

A CRM Crystal Ball

What if you could accurately associate what you thought were anonymous behaviors with actual customers in your database? Not only would it help you understand your users better, but it could help you make stronger connections between web activity and revenue opportunities. Thanks to this new API, Salesforce users can plug into Demandbase and access summaries of site activity with an at-a-glance “account pulse” graph for each prospect. Users can also automate the generation of sales tasks and leverage the power of Chatter to enable social collaboration around the most valuable prospects.

Why Salesforce? Why now?

Salesforce is used by a majority of marketers, so it’s not just a common platform, but often the glue between sales and marketing. In its State of Salesforce report, Bluewolf, a global agile consulting firm, found that 44 percent of Salesforce.com customers are embracing cloud and social, but indicated that they need help “bringing social to life in the enterprise.” Additionally, the survey showed that many companies are on the path to becoming a social organization by integrating their customer service applications with Salesforce.com. Enter Demandbase and companies are now on their way to putting customer analytics into action!

What is Real-Time Identification?

Demandbase Real-Time ID provides the business profile data (company name, industry, employee count, revenue, etc...) of your site visitors so that businesses can apply that information in an effort to increase conversions and improve engagement. Because more new visitors will convert and existing customers get knowledgeable engagement responsive to their known needs, companies can help lead their customers down the right path to the right information at the right time.

Learning Opportunities

As a result, site visitors stop being anonymous and are identified as bythe organization they are visiting from, or classified by their visitor type(enterprise, mid-market, SMB, educational, government, residential,mobile, etc...) enabling companies to better target and direct users to theappropriate content.