Does Your Website Have the Mobile Touch?

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The mobile web is growing up. ClickTale, who just last year introduced ClickTale Mobile has evolved the mobile usability and analytics program into ClickTale Touch, which allows businesses to view their mobile customers’ “True-to-Life User Experience."

Welcome to the Mobile Touch Experience

Mobile traffic is increasing, year after year, thanks to rapid mobile growth. Everything from tablets to smartphones and everything in between can complicate the way users interact with your mobile web site. ClickTale Touch lets you learn more about every tap, double tap, scroll, tilt and pinch on the touch interface so companies can optimize their sites to improve engagement and ultimately, increase profits. 

ClickTale is no stranger to usability. After all, they’ve spent the past few years building usability tools to improve the desktop/browser experience. From heat maps to behavioral analytics to advanced web analytics, users have been able to design their traditional websites to meet the needs of their customers. Replicating the same usability on a mobile device, however, hasn’t been as easy. 

Mapping Mobile Users' Tap, Exposure and Attention

Just like social media, many companies have very slow to adopt mobile specific web sites. And those that have still don’t quite understand how – or even if – mobile visitors display different behaviors than traditional desktop and laptop users. Because mobile usability requires different metrics and accounts for different behaviors, it makes sense that it displays user interaction differently than traditional web-based analytics. 


With ClickTale Touch users can search for visitor recordings using mobile-related filters, like operating system, device type (smartphone/tablet), devices and display sizes. 


ClickTale Touch includes a Session Player that indicates of every type of gesture, including tap, double tap, scroll, pinch in, pinch out, and rotate. 

Learning Opportunities

clicktaletouch_Tap Heat Map.png
ClickTaleTouch_Exposure Heat Map.png
ClickTaleTouch_attention heat map.png

It also features tap heat maps, exposure heat maps and an attention heat map -- all designed to show where visitors zoom in, breakpoints in the attention of visitors and what content catches their attention the most. 

En Route to a Complete Customer Experience

Consumers are becoming more mobile savvy -- it’s predicted that the number of mobile shoppers in the US will increase by 24% in 2013 to 118 million consumers. As a result, their expectations for a seamless mobile web experience has increased as well. With advanced mobile analytics, it’s not about retraining your users to use your mobile website. Rather, it’s about learning from their behaviors to improve your mobile website.  

Furthermore, companies can user ClickTale Touch to compare behaviors to desktop browser behaviors. Where are the similarities? By identifying good behaviors from bad behaviors an entire organization can optimize its customer experience no matter where they are or where the customer goes.