Eqentia Adds People & Content Discovery to Knowledge Management Portal
Eqentia (news, site) added a handful of perks to its knowledge management portal this week. The bundle, candidly referred to as Eqentia+ by company founder William Mougayar, includes enhanced content and people discovery. 

Content and People Discovery

Content discovery has been honed for both end users and curators. From an end user's Personal News Page or a user’s Personal Stream, Eqentia will now recommend new articles based on the existing content. 


For curators, Eqentia can now recommend new content related to the existing content that’s being filtered in real time. 

On the people discovery side, Eqentia connects the content-to-people dots. In other words, key people that are engaging with your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are unearthed, offering opportunities for valuable connections.

For example, Eqentia works specifically with Twitter by:

  • Revealing a Twitter Engagement Leaderboard listing the top 100 users that are interacting with a specific context, ranked by their engagement power or Klout score (pictured below)
  • A functionality called “Visual Who Is” which graphically ranks influencers according to a Klout score and divides them into three buckets: top influencers, mid-influencers, low-influencers
  • Identifying the user’s other interests via an aggregation of a their social presence in other areas
  • Notifying the user via a daily e-mail of the most engaged users on Twitter for their context


"Eqentia has been focusing on social media integration. We believe that social media’s value increases the more it gets integrated into users workflows and inside the content’s fabric," writes Mougayar. "That’s why we have focused on the integration aspects of social media throughout the lifecycle of any piece of content within any context."

Not Your Mama's Aggregator

Unlike most popular content aggregators today, Eqentia focuses on special purpose rather than general purpose. 

“We focus on content relevancy first, then we find out its popularity in social media next," explained Mougayar. "Therefore, we’re not a social media aggregator; rather, we’re a smart aggregator that knows about social media attention.”

To get started, users select Portals to follow, which are basically streams focused on any given topic. These portals combine articles from 35,000 global sources with context-specific and real-time Twitter streams, integrate customizable filters, and display the weight of each individual piece of content in the social media world (number of Tweets, Likes, LinkedIn posts).

See for yourself