It’s almost the end of February and our marketing automation editorial focus is soon coming to end. Therefore, one of our last Facebook Apps of the Week for this month is Qwaya, an advertising tool.

Who are Qwaya?

Launched in 2012, Qwaya is a technology company and a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. According to the company's official website, its overall goal is to provide users with an alternative set of advertising tools to the self-service interface Facebook offers. In addition to its advertising tool, the company also offers a series of resources, as well as a blog that provides marketing advice and insight.

Facebook and Qwaya

With the advertising tool, which is available through the Qwaya website or Facebook, Qwaya aims to improve an ad campaign's overall efficiency, organization and performance.

Qwaya is available for a 30 day trial or a priced plan that ranges from US$ 39 to US$ 149.

After signing up for an account, users are given access to a platform where they either import existing campaigns or create a new campaign from scratch with the Qwaya dashboard. The kind of ads that can be created include marketplace ads, page post ads and sponsored stories.

qwaya analytics.jpg

The platform's tools are centered around the categories of automation, ad creation and reporting. For example the scheduling feature, which is part of the automation section, is designed to let users schedule how often they want an ad to appear,  while the graphs tool that is part of the reporting section monitors engagement and customer trends.

Other features in the platform include:

  • Customizable templates
  • Ad and campaign bulk editing
  • Plug and play Google Analytics integration
  • Folders for easy file organization

The Qwaya Verdict

To be a successful at online advertising, especially in a social media environment, companies can’t merely rely on knowledge, such as how to design an ad and how to engage with customers. They have to use tools, like Qwaya to help enhance their advertising and marketing efforts. As was mentioned, Qwaya aims to help with the Facebook branch of social media marketing by making advertising on the social networking platform easier to manage and more efficient.

With this in mind, feedback on the product has been mostly positive.

Regarding its ability to improve conversion rates, which in turn helps company revenue, Robert Gembarski of Branding Personality praises the tool’s capabilities:

If you want to get the better conversion rates on your Facebook Ads, then try out Qwaya,” he says. “With the ability to create multiple advertisements while simultaneously tracking their conversion rates and performance, Qwaya has now enabled anyone and everyone with a credit card to become a Facebook Advertising expert.”

Although Hayden James, a guest writer for Search Engine Watch was a bit more skeptical:

I wouldn’t say the actual ad creation is much better here compared to Facebook,” he says. It’s still title, body text and image, but being able to go back to old templates to tweak and reuse the material is a big advantage.”

Although, James did find some of Qwaya features to be better than others. For example, he liked that Qwaya could track keywords, which he found would be especially helpful to marketers trying to pinpoint areas that needed improvement.

All-in-all, the tracking and analyzing services allows a user to optimize the ads and improve their performance while working inside an interface that is far more intuitive than Facebook’s ads manager” he says.

Therefore, when looking at online advertising tools, specifically those that help with Facebook advertising, a trial period with Qwaya might be worth the effort.