For this week’s Facebook App of the Week, we’re focusing on App Builder, an app design tool.

What is App Builder?

When improving fan engagement on Facebook, many business rely on external tools. For example, if a user wanted to create a survey, they might use the Survey Monkey app for Facebook or a design app such as Pagemodo or High Impact Designer when determining the look of a page.

App Builder, like SnappApp, is a tool that gives users the freedom to design their own engagement apps -- without having to rely on others. Unlike SnappApp however, which had both free and paid content, App Builder is completely free.

What does App Builder Offer?

Since users don't need programming experience to use App Builder, there are a few app templates that will be useful to businesses and their marketing teams. With every app, users choose the name of the app, its description, language, logo or photo and if the content can be seen by younger Facebook users.

Apps include:

  • Poll App: Users can create a professional looking poll to see what users think of a certain product or service. The poll starts with three options, but more can be added if needed.
  • Video App: Users can link videos, search pages or playlists from their YouTube account to their Facebook account. Users can also make these videos searchable by adding specific keywords.
  • Friend of the Day App: With this app, businesses can improve their social interaction by highlighting a fan or customer that may have given them a favorable review or comment. This allows businesses to show their fans that they are actually listening and care about customer concerns and comments.
  • Album App: With this app, as with Facebook's album feature, users can upload images to an album and tag someone in the image.


Final Thoughts

Despite having a variety of tools at its disposal, App Builder is far from perfect. Many of the tools it offers appear to be juvenile and tacky. For example, the Friend Expression app allows users to create personal definitions of their friends and post this information in the users timeline.

While noble in its creation in that users are able to create and use their own apps, App Builder doesn't offer much in terms of customer engagement. In order to be truly successful in this field, App Builder needs to weed out the useless apps and work on providing businesses with tools centered on page design, marketing and customer engagement. Without these key features, most businesses will continue to rely on other tools to boost the popularity of their page.