In today's Facebook App of the Week we'll be focusing on High Impact Designer, a design tool for fan pages.

As demonstrated by other design applications, such as Pagemodo and Ripe Social, with a professionally designed fan page businesses can attract and engage fans and potential customers. Businesses can also interact with customers and address their questions and concerns, while tailoring marketing campaigns to meet customer needs. 

What is High Impact Designer?

Along with a Landing Page and email Design tool, the High Impact Designer is part of a design suite. Users simply have to sign up for a High Impact Designer account, connect to it through Facebook and start designing.

Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Like Gate Wizard: Users can create “fan only content,” such as coupons and white papers. By having exclusive content, it encourages visitors to become fans by liking the page. This feature is only available to Gold and Platinum users.
  • Image Editor: With the app’s image editor, users can add photos to their page. Images can be cropped or enhanced and text can be added through an assortment of tools.
  • Twitter Feed: Using social media can improve customer engagement, so High Impact Designer gives users the option of adding a company’s business or employee’s personal Twitter Feed to a page. This feature is only available to gold and platinum users.
  • Template Editor: While the templates give users a base for their page, they can be changed to fit a certain look or company design.


The Cost of High Impact Designer

While a basic version of the app is free, there are also three paid options -- for those who choose the free option, access is limited to features, such as five template designs that can be used on one tab.

  • Silver: This plan is directed at small businesses and is available starting at US$ 6 per month. Features include: five active tabs and 50 templates.
  • Gold: The Gold plan is aimed at users who run medium sized businesses and need to improve their page’s functionality. The plan starts at US$ 12 a month. Those who choose this option have access to 20 active tabs and 150 templates.
  • Platinum: At US$ 24 a month, the platinum plan is directed at businesses that have multiple Facebook pages. Features that are included with this option include unlimited tabs and over 300 templates.

Final Thoughts

High Impact Designer is very basic and doesn't offer a large variety of design tools. In order to be more appealing, the app would have to offer something that other apps don't in order to set it apart.

Even its paid options seem to be lacking. Despite its low cost appearance, other apps, such as Pagemodo may be more expensive, but offer far more features, so the cost is more beneficial. Even if you don’t already have a page design tool I would reconsider choosing High Impact due to lack of features and uniqueness.