In this week’s Facebook App of the Week we’re looking at iFrapp, an application design tool.

Similar to last week's app, App Builder, iFrapp gives users more marketing control by letting them create their own engagement tools. In doing so, users spend less time looking for tools -- such as a content designer or poll application -- and more time connecting with fans. While very similar in their idea, iFrapp and App Builder are two completely different products.

How does iFrapp Work?

With iFrapp users can either connect to the application directly through Facebook or through iFrapp's official website. From the app's landing page, users can choose to manage applications they've already created or design something new. When choosing the latter, users start by choosing a template color or uploading a background picture, then add features -- such as a video, a like button, like-gate (or hidden content that only fans can see) images or a send form. Once the design process is complete, users merely have to upload an icon, name the app, determine the fan page and publish.


The Cost of iFrapp

While App Builder is free, iFrapp’s app making capabilities come at a price. In addition to a 10 day free trial, there are seven different paid options. Each of the options has access to all available features, but the number of apps a user can create range from US$ 15 for one app up to US$ 500 for 50 apps.

Final Thoughts: App Builder Vs. iFrapp

When looking at the two products, iFrapp is clearly the superior product. In addition to a professional look, iFrapp appears to cater more to marketers. As was mentioned in last week's review of App Builder, many of its application features appeared to be childish and wouldn't be something one would typically include in a digital marketing platform.

iFrapp, however, has a sleek design and choice of engagement tools that marketers would actually use -- such as like buttons and link tagging -- users get a "one stop shop" when it comes to choosing content for their fan pages.

Despite the relatively high cost of iFrapp, it is a good choice for marketers wanting to limit the number of external applications they use, as iFrapp provides many different application templates.

When choosing an application developer for Facebook, marketers should not only consider iFrapp, but also look at how iFrapp can take the place of several other engagement applications.