It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week and this week we’re looking at Avenue Social, a collection of engagement tools designed to enhance the fan page experience.

Nowadays, every type of business, service and product seems to have a Facebook page. While these pages can garner few or many likes, it’s how well the business or company engages with fans that really turns what is posted into a marketing tool.

Only by engagement can a fan base expand and improve a company’s brand. With this in mind, there are many engagement apps out there, but they typically only offer one service -- such as Survey Monkey’s poll application or Post-Planner’s auto-posting feature.

As with Ripe Social, instead of only giving users one type of app, Avenue Social brings together a collection of tools designed to improve customer engagement, make fan pages more interactive and limit the amount of different apps marketers need to use.

Features of Avenue Social

After becoming a paying member, Avenue Social users have six different applications to choose from. They include:

  • Quiz: Users can create a quiz to determine what fans think of a product or service or what changes they’d like to see in upcoming releases.
  • e-Commerce: With this application, users can create a store that is embedded directly into their fan page so customers don’t have to visit an external link to browse or purchase items.
  • Photo Contests: One way to attract customers is through contests. Why? Because users are more likely to be interested in something if they know they may get something in return. With the Photo Contests app, a contest can be set up that allows users to submit photos of something related to the company to win a prize.


An e-commerce example

The Cost of Avenue Social

Avenue Social isn't a free application, and while there aren't any posted pricing options, the company recommends that those who are interested contact them for a quote and free consultation.

Final Thoughts: Avenue Social vs. Ripe Social

As far as engagement tools go, Avenue Social isn't the best. While it has a collection of apps that can improve customer engagement, it appears to be geared toward the entertainment industry with apps like Song Cards and Gifting. Those in retail or technology sectors may find one or two apps useful, but overall Avenue Social wouldn't be worth the investment for many businesses, regardless of their size or digital marketing budget.

For those who want a engagement suite that has a mass appeal, I would stick with Ripe Social which offers a more neutral set of tools, such as the ability to embed a Twitter feed, add a newsletter sign-up form and add and design a welcome tab.