It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week we're discussing the Static HTML iFrame Facebook Tab app which enables users to create custom tabs for their Facebook fan pages.

The app, which is designed by Woobox gives users the ability to customize a Facebook tab with either an image, static html code or with Static Markup Language (SML). In doing this, users are able improve their social interactions with their community and broaden their Facebook presence.

How Does Static HTML iFrame Work?

By either clicking through the app page on Facebook or through the Woobox website, users can install the tool. From there, they choose which of their pages they’d like to add a tab to and customize the settings for that tab.

From the settings page they can change the URL, page source, non-fan page source, tab icon and tab name. By using this app, users have access to a variety of other features. These include:

  • Fan-Gating: Users can choose what content is available to those who have liked their page and those who haven’t.
  • Custom Tab Icons: Users can change the icon on the tab so it’s better suited to the tab’s content.
  • HTML/JavaScript/ CSS Support: There aren't any restrictions on what type of code is used, any of the three mentioned are accepted.
  • Tracking Visits: Users can use Google Analytics to track who visits their individual tabs.
  • External URLs: If users want to make a externally hosted page show up in a tab, they merely have to put the URL into the settings and select its height.


The Cost of Static iFrame HTML

Users who install this app are automatically given a free account with Woolbox. There are also four paid, non-long term commitment options. Users can change or cancel their plan at any time.

  • Free: By keeping their free account, users have an unlimited fan per page limit, unlimited promotions tab, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram page tab options, limited fan-gating options and limited coupons.
  • Plus: For US$ 10 per month, users have all the features in a free account, but also gain unlimited access to the fan-gating functionality.
  • Pro: At US$ 29 a month users can have 20,000 fans per page. Additional features for the pro option include full access to coupons, as well as photo contests, instant wins, polls, group deals and rewards.
  • Pro100: For US$ 99, users have all of the previously mentioned features, but the fan limit per page is 100,000.
  • Pro250: At US$ 249, those who choose this options have all of the possible features, as well as an unlimited amount of fans per page.

Final Thoughts

This is a simple, yet useful app for those who aren't technically savvy or have a limited marketing budget, but still want to their page tabs to have a professional look.