Forrester's Annual Report Digs into the State of Consumer Technology

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 Research firm Forrester has conducted its biggest survey ever for one big report on the worlds of consumer mobile adoption, social computing, consumer mobile brands and connected devices, but What did they find? 

We're All Connected Now

Having done our own look into the mobile future, Forrester has been asking a large number of Americans what technology they use and how they use it. The results, based on a survey of some 57,500 users, produce all kinds of interesting snippets of information and predictions such as:

  • 79% of Americans are now online, the same number as last year
  • 75% of people access the Internet while shopping in stores.
  • 43% of people access the Internet via their TV set now.
  • Older people use a Blu-ray player or set-top box to do so, while younger folk mostly use their games console.
  • Tablet penetration has doubled in one year to 19%.
  • Over 100 million will own a tablet by 2016

You have to be a Forrester subscriber to access the full report, but the company has put out a few charts highlighting some key findings. For example, smartphone ownership had made Internet access almost ubiquitous, wherever we happen to be. 



One point here, can we all stop browsing the Internet in restaurants? How many times have you seen some poor soul on a date looking bored to pieces while the other half is tweeting and Facebooking every forkful of the event? It has to stop!

Learning Opportunities

Older Users are Catching Up

After an explosion of youth-led technology adoption, the older folks are now catching up with them, presumably as the kids show the grown-ups how everything works. Generation Y still leads in technology adoption and usage, and are the biggest spenders.

However, baby boomers are catching up with younger generations, they now account for around a third of online users as they rapidly adopt new technologies. Despite this, it is good to see that older users are still likely to own a desktop computer, largely because they are easier to fix when something goes wrong and they ask for help.

For marketers, it looks like the gen y and baby boomers are the increasingly high-value customers, especially when it comes to mobile communications. They will be focusing their efforts on engaging with these users more than ever as mobile becomes the leading form of interaction. 

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