Get Social, Local, Mobile at AIIM 2012 #aiim
This year’s AIIM conference is a who’s who of social media geeks, academics, technology wonks, journalists and information technologists. AIIM 2012 will be held in San Francisco starting March 20. Among the well-known keynotes featured are New York Times tech columnist David Pogue, Empowered Forrester Researcher Ted Schadler and author and NYU faculty member Clay Shirky, all of whom will be sharing insights about managing information in the social, local and mobile era.

Control, Engage, Process

The conference’s theme aims to address the ways in which social, geo-local and mobile technologies are changing how we collaborate within the enterprise. Organized around topics and tracks, attendees can choose from a variety of breakouts based on the types of platforms they’d like to learn more about (automation, collaboration, content management, records management, SharePoint, and social & mobile) or what part of the collaboration workflow they are active in (control, engage or process).

Here are a few sessions that caught our attention: 

Future of Content Management
Laurence Hart, Director, Technology Solutions, Washington Consulting

What direction do the content management solutions of the future need to take? Is there only one answer or will the future be a blend of approaches? This panel discussion -- with participants representing traditional suite, open source, and cloud-based content management systems -- will debate the direction of content management.

When Jargon Attacks! Making Communication Work with IT, Users and RM
Christina Yvonne Parenteau, Records Management Manager, Claremont University Consortium

In this interactive conversation, you'll be introduced to the problem of jargon. How we all speak different languages and the “why didn’t you just say that before” syndrome. And that's not to mention the different levels of information and technical literacy that exists among employees.

Deploying ECM/BPM Enterprise-wide? Go Small or Go Home
Glenn Gibson, Product Manager, Hyland Software

This session approaches how to solve business issues with enterprise CMS and business process managementin today’s economic reality. Traditional enterprise CMS had been a “do everything at once” approach, but there is a better way forward. This would explain how case management fits into the overall BPM picture and how organizations can get quick wins by approaching their strategy in bite-sized chunks.

Learn, Network, Speak Up

The conference also offers three practitioner certificate programs (social media governance, SharePoint and enterprise CMS) available during the pre-conference schedule.

There’s no better time to harness the power of your social, local and mobile communities. At AIIM 2012, you’re bound to learn some new skills, network among industry thought leaders and add your voice to the conversation. Early bird registration ends January 31.