Instead of signing in to apps with Facebook or Twitter, there's now the option to sign in with Google+.

As a social network, Google+ has hit some major milestones in the last three months, including hitting the 500 million user mark and debuting its Communities app. Now, it's taken another step with the mobile and Web application sign in.

to Apps, Download Mobile Versions

Google+ sign in works just like other social verification systems, and because it's brand new, Google will no doubt roll out more features as apps integrate it. At launch, the company has decided to focus on just a few features for people to play with first.

The most obvious way to get people to adopt Google+ sign in is to make it painless and simple, and for those who already have G+, it should be. What is very likely to happen, however, is people will think they are signing in with their Google accounts, whether or not they have explicitly opted into Google+. This is by design, but just to give people one last chance to opt out upon entering in one's Google credentials, there is a permission screen laying out what G+ will share.

That way people will know it is Google+, and not just Google, and they can cancel the sign in. It's a little bit of slight of hand though. While the G+ logo is on the sign in button, the text reads 'sign in with Google.' Most people will probably not know what the G+ symbol means, and they will go to sign in only to confusedly opt into Google+.


Google sign in button makes it look like people are signing in with Google, not Google+.

Another feature the company is focused on at launch is the integration of the mobile apps and Web apps. Once someone is signed into a website with Google+, the Android version of that site's app can be downloaded right to a mobile device. That of course requires websites to install the Google Play Services API along with the sign in tools.

Choose Circles to Share with, Prompt Actions

Google is also focused on G+ sign in features that involve sharing during the launch period, and again, the point seems to be to onboard even more people to the platform. After signing into an app with G+, anything that gets shared can be done so according to chosen Circles. It's not a frictionless share, Google notes in its G+ blog, so the info doesn't spray all over people's streams. That's a vivid image isn't it?

Frictionless sharing, of course, is a prominent Facebook feature, so Google is wasting no time at all in escalating its little war with its biggest social rival -- who will win is yet to be seen. Beyond simply sharing, a neat little trick is the people who are shared with can act on the app in question. These interactive posts take people into the app where they can buy or review what was shared.