Google's Tips for Getting the Best From Its iPhone Maps App

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Google's Maps app for the iPhone has been a huge hit this month with 10 million downloads and being credited with boosting iOS and saving Christmas (maybe). Google is now sharing some hints and tips for those still experimenting with it. 

Mapping the Way Forward

Packed with new features and flush with the success of millions of downloads in a matter of days, making a hefty impression on the app store charts, and leaving Apple looking rather unkempt in the process, Google is offering some help and advice for those still getting to grips with the new iPhone app. 

Not only are they helping users, but by keeping the momentum of the app's high profile going with a constant stream of news, likely updates and so on, that will only increase its lead over Apple's Maps. It could also prevent people from trying out recently launched Nokia Here iOS app, which doesn't seem to have had the same impact. 

Of course, while these are nice, many will be politely asking where the new iPad Google Maps app is, which might help negate some of the need for swiping and shaking that this tips require. 

Tip Your Waitress

In Google Maps a wealth of information is often just a swipe away. Whether you’re looking at search results or directions, you can swipe the bottom info sheet left and right to see other options. To get more details on any of the results, swipe that info sheet upward (or just tap it, that works too). Even with the info sheet expanded, you can swipe to see those other results.


Place a pin. Get more information about any location by just pressing and holding the map. The info sheet that pops up tells you the address, lets you save or share the place, and best of all, brings up...

Street View. By far the easiest way to get to Street View is placing a pin. Tap the imagery preview on the info sheet to enter into Street View, then explore! I recommend the look-around feature (bottom left button) which changes what you’re looking at as you tilt and move your phone.

Learning Opportunities

There are even more tips on the Google Maps app page to help users get the most from their app and the huge data resources hiding behind it. Google has also added some new features to Search and Gmail that can help you manage your festive season and longer-term appointments. 

By signing into the service on the above link, you can quickly check those holiday travel plans by searching for [my hotel reservation] or [my restaurant reservations] if you booked through OpenTable, and search for [my events] to easily see information from Ticketmaster or Eventbrite about your upcoming concert, sports game or other event.

Bonus Apocalypse Story

And, finally, from Google, go to the main search page, google.com and find out what all this end of the world nonsense is all about. 


We're not doomed!

Hopefully normal festive service will be resumed on Google in the run up to Christmas, remember to check out all Google's various Santa tracking methods.