When Google talks about digital marketing most people likely think of its AdWords technology and search ads. As such, the main topic of Susan Wojcicki, Google's SVP of adertising, at the AdTech conference was YouTube's TrueView technology and how it tracks for the success of the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns roll out.

"Enhanced campaigns is the biggest change weve made to AdWords since it launched," Wojcicki told the conference audience.

Surfing the Mobile Ads Wave

Viewers of online ads need to have a choice, Wojcicki said, and the TrueView system, where people can skip a YouTube ad after five seconds, is an example of this. Furthermore, people viewing those ads will only watch them if they are relevant to them, and that provides even more incentive for advertisers to produce compelling content. They only get paid if people watch the entire ad.

So far, TrueView has been a big hit for YouTube, Wojcicki said, and it's the kind of ad system that should layout a blueprint for the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns technology that is rolling out now. It's a way for advertisers to produce highly targeted ads based on location, time of day or even device type without having to produce multiple campiagns for each particular instance.


When an Engagement Ad is hovered over, a so called lightbox opens up so more media types can be inserted, and they are 10 times more engaging, Google announced.

There's lots more that can be done with Enhanced Campaigns, Wojcicki said, and it's up to us to surf the tidal wave of mobile device capabilities that can offer even more features.

Engagement Ads + the Lightbox Display

The above image is one of Google's Engagement ads, in this case, a Samsung event for its Galaxy S4 launch. When someone hovers over the ad, it expands, and the event is shown right on top of the existing Web page. They are 10 times more engaging, Wojcicki said, and this is the best way to engage educated, savvy users.

Google is working on rolling out more ad technology in this vein because it gives people a choice on what they see and it gives advertisers a clue about what is relevant to those viewers. To see just how engaged those users are, Google Analytics Universal is now generally available so customers can see in more detail what people are doing across multiple screens, for example.