GX Software Launches GX WebManager 10 XperienCentral

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GX Software Launches GX WebManager 10 XperienCentral
GX Software has launched its GX WebManager 10 system, codenamed XperienCentral, in North America and Europe, and it's the company's first foray into personalization and addressing business needs around tailored customer experiences.

All the Web's a Stage + All the Pages Merely Players

In order for businesses to harness the power of their websites, the tools at their disposal must fit into a grander scheme. The pages that make up their online presence are just parts of an overall strategy to capture and process new and existing customers.

For companies like GX Software, that means setting the stage for allowing businesses to customize page visits in order to move customers along a desired path. Whatever outcomes are required, and whatever strategy a business has in mind for its website, tools like XperienCentral are increasingly more valuable if they cover a broader range of personalization features.

That means different looks for Web or mobile visitors based on content, time of day or even location. By focusing on creating relevant content based on various perspectives, customers should get the feeling they are browsing and/or shopping with a purpose. When those customers find the information they need, they are often compelled to take the next step of contacting a sales rep, downloading a white paper or signing up for a newsletter.

Once that happens, that business now has a better chance to sell their goods and services to that visitor.

Learning Opportunities

XperienCentral Widgets
Personalize content around device, channel, location or time of day with XperienCentral.

XperienCentral in the Wild

GX announced XperienCentral last year, and it's now generally available in Europe and North America. It offers the ability to customize content, but also allows content editors to customize their editing environments. For example, if an editor is working a mobile page, the interface they are editing from can be adjusted to match the desired environment.

Additionally, social media channels like Facebook Pages can be plugged into XperienCentral and managed from a centralized location. XperienCentral can plug into multiple CRM, ERP and marketing software systems as well, and customized plugins can also be built depending on customer needs.

Because GX Software has a heavy European presence, privacy settings are also included in XperienCentral so customers have the chance to opt in to browsing cookies, for example, and the system will remember their settings across channels. GX WebManager is a Java based system, and Ars Logica gave it high marks back in 2011 both technically and functionally. GX Software has been around for about 15 years, so it's obviously been paying attention to what its customers want, a good sign for prospective customers.

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