Social media management system HootSuite has announced a new extension for Google Chrome, HootSuite Assignments, a tool to assign Twitter and Facebook posts to appropriate team members from outside the HootSuite dashboard.

Introducing HootSuite Assignments for Google Chrome

Task management, productivity, employee and customer engagement are all aspects of business that any company strives to do well. The assignments extension, which is designed for HootSuite’s Pro and Enterprise clients, aims to help with these issues within a social media management context.

HootSuite developed this product under the premise that customer engagement and marketing opportunities don't always happen during the workday, so there needed to be a way for companies to address these problems, even if they were away from the HootSuite dashboard.

With HootSuite Assignments, Facebook and Twitter posts that need a team member's attention can be automatically assigned to the customer support, public relations or marketing representative who is most fitted to it by a colleague.

After a user sees a post that needs to be addressed, they click on the Assign To Button, which once the extension is installed, can be seen below the social media post.The post can then be assigned to the entire team or a single person.

After the post is assigned, the recipient will receive an email notification about it. Assignment progress can also be monitored, as users will be able to see how far a person is on a particular task and what other tasks they've been assigned or have completed.


A Good Idea?

Overall the HootSuite platform has been well-received since it was launched in 2008.

Kathy Yakal of PC Magazine praised many of the company's products and services,

Hootsuite's beauty is its streamlined nature; you can view multiple social networking streams on the screen at the same time without opening new pages," she says.

It appears that this Assignments tool also has the potential to expand the platform further by improving both customer and employee engagement, according to Harrison Weber of the Next Web, who found that it gives companies the ability to track conversations, much like Twitter currently does.

HootSuite touts that Assignments also lets you “monitor the progress of assigned tasks, which could be particularly helpful for tracking customer service questions and companies,” he says.

HootSuite Updates

In addition to this extension for Chrome, HootSuite has also recently updated their App directory, launched an Integration with Twitter’s Promoted Products tool and partnered with LinkedIn to develop company pages analytics and advanced targeting for pro and enterprise users.