Social media engagement system, HootSuite has announced new premium Salesforce, YouTube and Statigram apps and launched a developer program to improve the overall functionality and appeal of the HootSuite App Directory.

Improving the Premium Experience

The new premium apps are part of the paid HootSuite services, designed with business professionals in mind, such as social media and community managers, sales teams and public relations representatives, to help simplify workflows and improve productivity. The company introduced, Statigram and improved YouTube app into its platform on a monthly subscription basis.

  • A CRM solution, this app is designed to help HootSuite users turn prospects into customers by expanding engagement and communication efforts across all social channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Statigram: Statigram is a social media marketing platform for Instagram users and through its integration with HootSuite it gives community managers and marketers the tools needed to gather data and other insights on the growth, performance and impact of their Instagram marketing campaigns.
  • YouTube: The app directory already has a YouTube app, but they've enhanced its functionality so that users can now produce, monitor and share content more easily. More specifically, they can edit videos from within the HootSuite dashboard, monitor 13 different channel feeds and filter content.


A New Developer Opportunity

In addition to this new paid app collection, HootSuite has also released a developer program to help expand the app platform.

The App Directory Platform provides a unique opportunity for developers to build innovative applications that solve specific user problems, improving how influencers and brands manage their social media initiatives and campaigns,” says the developer page on HootSuite’s official website.

The program, meant to compliment the new Premium Apps, offers developers the opportunity to monetize their apps. After a developer is selected for the program, any direct revenue that stems from their premium apps will be split between the developer and HootSuite which enables companies to offer a “recurring-revenue generation through a unique subscription-based model.”

Developers will also have access to a variety of resources designed to make the development and integration process run smoothly including a feature-rich SDK, administration dashboard and code samples, as well as being able to gain marketing support and promotion through HootSuite’s promotional programs.

The HootSuite App Directory

Launched in 2011, the Hootsuite App Directory is a collection of third party applications that aim to improve the performance and functionality of the HootSuite dashboard and a business' social media management efforts. It currently has over 50 different free and premium applications. In addition to the original four applications: YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Get Satisfaction other applications include Storeya, SocialCast, Yammer and Nimble.

HootSuite has been busy adding new features and applications to its platform. In October they introduced reddit, StumbleUpon,, Nexalogy and CMP.LY, while in December, Vimeo,, Reach and Scripted were added. These efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as the platform has been well-received.

It will let you handle so many tasks in one place that you may never need to use another tool," said Brankica Underwood of Famous Bloggers. "With their app directory constantly growing and Pro package for a very low price, you can not go wrong.”

Alex Wilhem of The Next Web praised the company’s dedication.

Hootsuite has endured where other social-focused dashboards have fallen by the wayside,” he says. “It has done so by accreting to itself not simply new features, but also applications from other providers to become a platform in and of itself.”

The new premium apps are available in the HootSuite App Directory, while interested developers are encouraged to apply for access to the platform through the HootSuite website.