Enterprise social media management technology provider HootSuite is adding five new platforms to its social media App Directory: reddit, StumbleUpon, Scoop.it, Nexalogy and CMP.LY.

Growing the Hootsuite App Directory

The list of social media sites to share content and monitor can be never ending. Thus the need for the Hootsuite App Directory and the continued integration of new social media sites. The following is a brief review of what each new social media app offers HootSuite users:


The reddit social news app allows users to set up and share customized news streams based on personal preference and selections from the reddit community.


The StumbleUpon app, developed by Synaptive, allows HootSuite users to create and share streams from the StumbleUpon service, which suggests content based on their interests and preferences. Users can also see how many times a recommended page has been “Stumbled.” 

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The Scoop.it app filters content based on user interests and also enables users to search for and share content from Scoop.it. In addition, app users can rescoop and give “thanks” within a Scoop.it stream from their HootSuite dashboard and link Twitter and Facebook content to Scoop.it streams.


The CMP.LY app for HootSuite helps users meet regulatory obligations associated with social media marketing campaigns. Users can manage regulatory activities within HootSuite and attach shortened links to disclosure pages at the end of promotional social messages.


The Nexalogy app provides interest maps and analysis reports to inform users about topics, hashtags and connections based on the activity of their Twitter followers. Users can view top links related to their account or specific search terms and also discover who their most engaged Twitter followers are and receive suggestions for new followers to target.


HootSuite Connects with the Big Boys

HootSuite clearly seeks to extend the value of its product offerings by connecting them directly to the “big boys” of social media and social business. Just a few more recent highlights of HootSuite’s many social integrations this year include full access to Google+ Pages in July. As a result of this expanded integration, all paid and free HootSuite users can manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels. All HootSuite users have access to Google+ Pages functionality in the HootSuite dashboard.

Earlier this past summer, HootSuite refreshed its GetSatisfaction app to include integrations with Facebook and Twitter. Users now have the ability to push and pull content across both platforms from one dashboard. HootSuite also recently launched a collaboration with Yammer, allowing all Yammer users to monitor and reply to Yammer conversations within HootSuite.

Growing into a Global Brand

According to SocialNewsDaily, since its founding “all the way back in 2008,” HootSuite has grown into a “global social media brand used by individuals, companies, you name it.” In addition to providing an easy way to manage multiple social networks via a single dashboard, SocialNewsDaily also credits the HootSuite App Directory, launched late last year, for propelling HootSuite to international prominence.

In addition to social media integrations launched directly by HootSuite, the directory allows third-party developers to create new apps using the available toolkit. Currently the directory features 35 apps.