Enterprise social media management technology provider HootSuite is refreshing its GetSatisfaction app to include integrations with Facebook and Twitter. Users will now have the ability to push and pull content across both platforms from one dashboard. 

Plugging Into Facebook and Twitter

HootSuite is designed to allow users to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple networks from a single Web dashboard, while the GetSatisfaction app is designed to ease the building of online social communities by transforming social media interactions into conversations between companies and customers. The app previously featured stream-based tools, but the new Facebook and Twitter plug-ins enable users to send social media content (posts from Twitter and Facebook streams) to external, third-party applications.



For example, a community manager could take social content about an idea for a product improvement and send that idea to their GetSatisfaction community, and see if the idea is already being discussed there. Questions from GetSatisfaction streams can be answered directly with Facebook and/or Twitter content. 

HootSuite Connects with the Big Boys

HootSuite clearly seeks to extend the value of its product offerings by connecting them directly to the “big boys” of social media and social business. In July 2012, HootSuite started offering all users full access to Google+ Pages. As a result of this expanded integration, all paid and free HootSuite users can manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels. All HootSuite users have access to Google+ Pages functionality in the HootSuite dashboard.

Earlier this week, HootSuite launched a collaboration with Yammer, allowing all Yammer users to monitor and reply to Yammer conversations within HootSuite. 

Cultivating Customer Relationships with Comments

One of the most important features of HootSuite’s new integration of GetSatisfaction with Facebook and Twitter is the opportunity it provides to take customer comments on social media and turn them into opportunities for branding and individual marketing. In June 2012, Social Media Examiner included cultivating relationships with blog comments (including social media comments) in its list of “26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities.”

According to Social Media Examiner, “comments offer ways for the reader to expand upon points … make a recommendation to the author, provide an opportunity for people to meet and make connections outside of the comment and post (e.g., connect via Facebook, Twitter, Google+).” The article correctly asserts that “comments can be highly integrative experiences,” and HootSuite is apparently paying attention.

The GetSatisfaction app for HootSuite is free to all HootSuite users. HootSuite says the app currently has more than 40,000 users.